Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Grades

Many customers don’t realize that there are different grades of oak flooring, but there are 3 main grades: select or AB, ABC or Rustic and BCD or Character grade.
Select grade is generally considered the highest grade as it has the least color variation, but usually this is an AB grade rather than an "A" grade. It costs the more.
This is followed by Rustic or Mixed Grade which has more color variation and some occasional knots, and that is followed by Character Grade which has a lot more color variation and knots. CD may be used to create special aged effects such as Cabin Oak full of shakes, splits and knots.

Cross Section of Oak Tree


The Tree

The tree grows from the heart which is at the centre. Each ring represents a years growth. (in fact if you look closely there is spring growth and summer growth)
The growth at the outer edge known as the sapwood has a lighter colour.

Tonal Variations

All wood varies in tonality. It is a natural product.
The lower grade material will vary more and so it is important to shuffle it as it is laid to blend the shades and create a more homogeneous appearance overall.
Fuming/smoking can also affect the colour as the tanins in the oak react differently on each plank. Sapwood contains less tanin and therefore reacts less in the fuming process.



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